Medical issues that overweight people face

Obese individuals have to deal with many medical conditions that could be avoided with proper care of their body.  Excess pounds are a problem that should be addressed as soon as possible as they increase the risk of a broad array of medical conditions like heart disease, diabetes, and stroke as well as many others.

Some people don’t want to accept the truth that excess pounds cause health issues, but the facts are rarely pleasant. The fact is that the risk of those conditions increases exponentially with some excess pounds on your body.

Weight can kill you through heart disease and stroke

Stroke and heart disease are the most common issues that excess weight cause. It doesn’t directly cause them, but it increases the risk of the same. It also enhances the risk of diabetes which also has adverse effects on the health and makes it more possible for you to develop a heart disease or experience a stroke.

Weight increases the blood pressure and overweight people’s pressure is up to six times higher than blood pressure in people that have no excess pounds. Just 22 pounds over the perfect weight will increase the chance of stroke by 24 percent.

The risk of stroke and heart disease increases the number of pounds goes up. Being just overweight will increase the chance of a cardiovascular disease by 32 percent and the risk of stroke by over 22 percent. The percentage increases as weight go up, and thus obese people walk at the edge between life and death. The risk of heart disease in obese people is 81 percent higher than in lean people, and that fact was proven by several studies that involved over 300 000 people. The risk of stroke in obese people increases by 64 percent. This is the result collected from 25 studies that lasted over ten years.

Chocolate Slim – A sweet way to lose weight

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