The damage excess weight can cause

Growing thin isn’t just necessary to look good as excess weight causes health issues that can threaten one’s life.  Being overweight can affect your health both directly and indirectly, and both of those can become dangerous. Few excess pounds won’t cause any serious issues, but few dozen of those pounds may lead to untimely death, and that is the real threat that being overweight carries.

The connection between health and weight

The number of the extra pounds you carry will increase the risk of over fifty health issues exponentially.  Some of the health problems that those pounds might cause include stroke, diabetes, and heart disease as well as some less known medical conditions like gallstones and gout. Being overweight also has an adverse impact on the mental health as there is a strong connection between extra pounds and depression.

Some people (mostly those that are overweight) lead campaigns where they claim that none of this is real and that people should be proud of their looks. Well, being proud of the looks is OK, as long as you are not overweight (or overly skinny) as a large study showed the adverse effects of excess weight.

Well, to be exact there were two studies conducted by Harvard that involved observation of over 180 000 people (50 000 men and 130 000 women in two different studies) over the course of ten years. All participants shared their height, weight, diets and many other elements of their life that were crucial for the study.

These two studies showed the obesity increases the risk of diabetes twenty times. Diabetes is one of the primary causes of other medical conditions like heart disease and stroke. The amount of excess weight increases the risk of diabetes and other conditions, and thus it’s smart to work toward growing thin and reaching a standard size. You might see yourself as beautiful even with those extra pounds, but that doesn’t mean you should reduce your lifespan because of that.

The right way to grow thin

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