Belleza Consejos – Stay young and beautiful forever

You want to know the secret of being young full and beautiful. You want to hear the best advice. In Mexico where we can find the most beautiful girls in the world, women simple follow a few simple rules, which they call Belleza Consejos.

The best advice for beauty

First of all your skin needs to have enough hydration. It is not enough to use hydrating creams; you need to intake enough water. About seven glasses of water is the best amount per day. Pay attention to your own weigh, because this rule depends on your weight.

Sleep enough

Make sure that you take your 8 hours of sleep every day. Your body needs to take rest, and you need to sleep and relax. The best way to respect this rule is to make some routine and to go to bed at the same time. Chinese people are well known to have great habits. They eat at the same time, get up at the same time, do their exercises at the same time and go to bed at the same time. Thank to these habits and this type of routine they stay young for a long time.

Avoid sun

No matter how popular is to be tanned, you need to know that the sun is your biggest enemy when it comes to your skin or hair. It dries your skin, and it looks much older. Avoid it between 10 AM to PM. Your skin will be grateful to you for this. Also, use proper protections and make sure that all parts of your body are covered. If you take a shower or swim into the sea,  put your protection again after you get out.

Eat healthy food

Make sure that you are taking food that has enough vitamins so you can recover your skin and keep it young. Your skin needs it as much as your body and entire metabolism. If you force yourself to stay under the sun, eat carrots, it will do you good.

If you follow this advice, you won’t have to worry about everything, and you will be more than satisfied with your look. After all, you will be much healthier and youth full. Believe it or not, but whatever you eat it can be recognized on your skin.