Losing weight quickly –  top tips

The internet is overflowing with websites offering quick weight loss tips. And mostly they involve hard work, lots of sweat and long periods of starvation. But does it have to be this way? Does weight loss have to be a grueling period in your life? We have some tips for you which you can use to make your weight loss experience much more pleasant while also being healthy and natural.

Tip 1: Drink water before you eat

It is not just a myth. Believe us; often it turns out that you are in fact thirsty when you feel like you are hungry. Recent studies have shown that drinking water before your meals shows good results. It produces a short, temporary feeling of fullness and helps to control your appetite. Furthermore, drinking more water speeds up your metabolism. This way, you can create the perfect conditions for your body to accept the next meal in the following 30 minutes after you drank the water. Of course, drinking water will not shed 5 pounds off the scale in a day, but it is an effective method for long term weight loss.

Tip 2: Mind what you eat

How many times have you heard not to use your phone and drive at the same time? Well, this tip is similar, in a way. You should not eat and watch a movie or read a newspaper at the same time, too. Distracted eating is one of the factors that lead to obesity. The feeling of being full comes a bit later after you have eaten enough to satisfy your stomach. And being satisfied with the quantity of food is connected with being psychologically satisfied. The attention you give to other stimulants like reading or watching movies is connected with the way you eat. People who are distracted while eating eat more. So, try to remove visual information while you eat and also try to eat healthily, for which we strongly recommend Eco Slim.

Tip 3: Get on the move

It is not about hitting the gym relentlessly, not at all. You can burn calories in different ways, not only by lifting heavy weights or running the treadmill. Move around your office, stand up and walk around from time to time, take the stairs when you come to work, walk to the place where you eat your lunch, etc. There are so many possibilities to be more active physically without actual exercise.