When is the best time to trade binary options?

Welcome to our new course which is intended to help beginners trade binary options. In this guide, we will show you the ropes and help you understand the world of binary options. Binary options involve trading several assets and making money based on predictions. Depending on expiry time, some options are traded on a 24-hour basis, while other can last only for 30 seconds. The most popular ones are commodities, currency pairs, and stocks.

When is the right timing?

Trading binary options are the best when the market is buzzing with activity from traders all over the world. When there is action in the market, it makes the liquidity and volatility needed for the assets to go to its target before the option expires. Even though the trading market is open 24 hours, there is only one particular time lap when the market is at its maximum, and that is when we have an overlap of the trading zones of the world.

Good timing for stocks

Stocks are usually traded between six and eight hours, and that is their maximum. For example, U.S. stock markets are often traded from 9.30am EST to 4 pm EST. However, you shouldn’t neglect the European Stock market, which starts trades from 7 am GMT to 3.30pm GMT. If you intend to trade stocks make sure to know which stock market is in operation.

Timing for currencies

When there is a time overlap of the London/Asian and London/New York time zones, then the forex market is the most active. You should know that some local currencies will have increased activity during the time zone overlap. This may be your chance to earn money.

How to decide which asset to trade

Depending on your set of skills and the previous information we have delivered to you, it’s up to you to decide which one you will trade. If you are a beginner, then you should try call and put options because they are the easiest ones.

Is it a good option to use a trading software?

Many people use the trading software because they are easy to manage and you don’t have to think about investment. The trading software does the job instead of you. Currently, the best one on the market is Millionaire Blueprint. Here you just need to deposit the money, and the software will do the job instead of you.