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Ace innovation broker Andy Ward leaves RIU
21 April 2011


RIU's resident crop expert and Best Bet technical support manager, Andy Ward, has just left RIU to take up a new post.

Noah A Phiri of CABI-Africa summed up the sentiments of many colleagues in the Best Bets and Commissioned Work programme whom Andy had worked with so intently over the past 18 months:
"The Rice Seed Best Bet in Uganda will certainly miss you. You have been a great encouragement to the team. Your advice has always been handy and greatly contributed to the achievements we have had in the Best Bet. Your contributions will always be remembered especially your wonderful contributions to our trip to interact with our colleagues of the Zambian RIU country programme. This has been an eye opener as far as branding is concerned, and we look forward to seeing NERICA rice branded and replacing the imports in Uganda."
Nora McNamara of the Clean Yams planting material programme in Nigeria added:
"There are no words good enough to express our thanks to you but we will keep you in our hearts and of course keep you posted on progress. Were it this time last year I don't think we would be talking now about the success of the Clean Seed Yam programme. Ad multos annos. We pray for your continuing success."
Professor Ian Maudlin, RIU Director, said:
"We have been thinking a great deal recently about what an innovation broker is and what they do. Andy Ward has been one of our star performers as an RIU innovation broker. He has had a very light hand on the tiller - but it is through these very subtle interventions that he has kept the Best Bets and Commissioned Work on track. By acting as a trusted critical friend he can ask tough questions in a supportive way - which means that these projects have all been able to tell their stories better; indeed they have had better stories to tell. And Andy has been a tireless networker - making connections and building trust to allow further collaborative working to happen which has and will extend the legacy of RIU.

We are very grateful to Andy for all he has done for the RIU programme."

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