Discussion paper 16

Making money from home using binary trading options as a beginner

Binary trading options have become the next big craze of the internet when it comes to popularity. The ability to work from home and make some money on the side is just too tempting for people and more and more people are slowly starting to trade from their home using binary options. However, as many people get into the business they are definitely going to be some who have no idea what they are doing and will probably end up losing money more than they will be making. When it comes to a smart thade, there are several ways you can manage to pull off a net gain over a net loss, but you have to do your research and keep to some basic rules.

First of all, you need to get yourself a right platform and we recommend Fintech Ltd, as it has all the right tools a beginner can want from their new binary trading platform. Consider your new platform your new partner in the business and work with it so you can make money.

Now let’s get down to some simple things that you need to understand as a beginner

– Don’t expect to become rich in a short amount of time

While everyone can trade over the binary options, many people don’t want to wait and just want to become rich as soon as possible. These people usually stand to lose more money than they will earn, so don’t be one of those people. Everything in this world takes time, and if you need money fast, this might not be the best way to earn it. Sure, there is the option of making money fast, but even if you make some money fast the first or second time, you might get hooked on that style of trading and will eventually start losing money, till you are devastated and your wallet at the same time. If you want to make some good money overall using binary trading options, then you have to give it time

– Don’t trade with just one thing

When you begin trading over the binary options using your Fintech Ltd platform, you will be overwhelmed in the beginning and you will stick to the first thing you start trading in. While this is good for the first month, start branching out. The more you spread your earnings the bigger chance you will gain more money in the end if something backfires.

Necessary but not sufficient: Information and communication technology and its role in putting research into use
Authors: Rasheed Sulaiman VAndy HallN J Kalaivani, Kumuda Dorai and T S Vamsidhar Reddy
June 2011 (PDF 760KB)

This paper reviews the experience of using Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) for rural development in Asia and draws lessons on the opportunities and limitations of using ICTs for putting new knowledge into use.